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Nigerian Leadership Council (NLC) - a think-tank, non-profit, non-governmental organization - is devoted to finding an enduring blueprint and skills for effective, compassionate leadership, and dynamic governance in Nigeria. It was formed on September 1, 2004, on the basis that great, compassionate, caring leadership can be learned, just as we learn how to talk, read, write, drive, sing, and dance. REAL EDUCATION (not nominal degrees and titles) is the key. Great leaders have REAL EDUCATION – the common sense. They understand the world they live in and therefore act and react accordingly.

Below are the three basic, but fundamental, leadership lessons that must be learned for the betterment of Nigeria:

Lesson 1: When a leader loots and hides the loot in a foreign country, his people die of starvation, malnutrition, and disease while the people of the country where he hides the loot enjoy abundant, healthy lives with his country's money. Put differently, looting and hiding the loot in a foreign country is tantamount to self-inflicted genocide – total self-annihilation. Indeed, great leaders understand this simple but very important lesson. As such, they refrain from robbing their own people only to stockpile the loot abroad.

Lesson 2: Leadership is parenthood. Just as parents take care of their children, leaders should take care of their own people - the people they take an oath to serve and protect. Even animals in animal kingdom understand this very important lesson - hence, a rat does not labor for a squirrel. Indeed, rats feed fellow rats; squirrel feed fellow squirrels. Humans must be better than animals.

Lesson 3: Leadership is action - not a position. Great leaders take positive, concrete steps to bringing development and civilization to their country. They build and maintain great infrastructure as seen in the countries considered "developed" and "civilized". They fund research in all aspects of human development, and sponsor talented children on scholarship. They know that leadership is not a position or in name – they are always concerned with the advancement of their country; their legacy and stewardship matter a lot to them.

Fellow Nigerians, it is obvious that leaders in "developed" and "civilized" countries perfectly understand the above three FUNDAMENTAL lessons, and continue to convey and pass on those lessons to their own children - in words and in action. Hence, they do not rob their countries only to hide the loot in Nigerian banks - they bank in their own countries. They do not abandon their country's hospitals only to come to Nigeria for medical checkup and treatment - they build and maintain their own hospitals. They do not abandon their own schools only to send their children to Nigerian schools - they build and maintain world-class schools for their own children. Accordingly, "developed" and "civilized" countries are called "developed" and "civilized" because they understand perfectly the three basic, fundamental leadership lessons (adumbrated above), and act accordingly - nothing more, nothing less.

Again, here, at NLC, a part of our goals is to provide important lessons in leadership, hoping that if most Nigerian leaders learn those lessons, Nigeria will regain what nature destined her to be - the Giant of Africa. It only requires a good understanding of the world and how this world operates. It requires sound knowledge and common sense - hence, knowledge is power. It requires a deep reflection, compassion, and a change of heart on the part of the leadership.

Kindly explore our website for the leadership blueprint, skills and recipe to producing great, effective leaders in Nigeria. PEACE!

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"I write you on behalf of millions of terrified Nigerians who are praying and fasting at this very moment for a better economy and peaceful Nigeria AFTER this Presidential election.....In this solemn hour, it is extremely important that all of you – the Presidential hopefuls – be completely aware of the deplorable state of affairs in Nigeria, what Nigerians are doing to survive, and what they expect from their next President."....

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Nigeria Needs a Democratic Government - by Prof. bedford Umez

"A government is not democratic when most of the leaders are absolutely free to do whatever they want with their nation’s resources and the lives of their people. Any objective thinker with some modicum of conscience, who understands the true meaning of democracy, and knows how most Nigerian leaders misuse Nigerian resources and abuse the people of Nigeria, cannot, in any way, shape or form, consider Nigeria a democratic country." Click below for the proof....

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Leadership is Action - not a Position - by Prof. Bedford Umez

"World politics has several fundamental lessons to teach us about leadership. Here is one of them: leadership is parenthood. Parenthood entails the responsibilities of being a parent. Parents nurture, support, and encourage their children to be triumphant in life. Undeniably, parental support and encouragement pave the way to producing successful children. Likewise, leadership entails the responsibilities of a leader, nurturing, supporting and promoting his/her country. Indeed, true leaders produce great, dynamic societies, capable of producing successful citizenry"....

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Corruption, Opposition, & the Ribadu Experience - by Dr. SKC Ogbonnia

"The thrust of this article remains that a history of weak legislatures, which has led to lack of checks and balances, is responsible for why Nigerian leaders have continued to engage in corrupt practices with little or no regard to the consequences of doing so. War against corruption is more attainable in countries with dynamic opposition culture, where the oversight functions of the legislature are readily promoted. Simply stated, corruption will remain unabated as long as an overwhelmingly majority is drawn from the ruling party...."

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Freedom and Responsibility - by Dr. Obed O. Mailafia

"The task before the new administration is a stupendous and onerous one. It would be foolhardy for anyone to under-estimate the challenges ahead. We must affirm that this government and this president deserve the trust and support of all people of goodwill. Tough and often painful choices will have to be made in the coming years. It might even be necessary to wield the stick rather than the carrot from time to time. Nigeria's gradual descent into nihilism does call for extraordinary measures. I agree that human rights are sacred, but I also believe that we cannot afford the luxury of hair-splitting legal-constitutional niceties while Rome is being reduced to ashes...."

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Your Excellency - A Letter to Nigerian Leaders

"Your Excellency: A Letter to Nigerian Leaders, " is now FREE online.

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His Excellency, Commodore Anthony Ogugua, former Military Governor of Imo State, spoke to Journalists in Enugu State, Nigeria, on the injustices and hypocrisy of Geo-political Zoning in Enugu State, Nigeria. "Quite informative and thought-provoking briefing. A must watch!" -- Nigerian Leadership Council