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Great, Mind-Changing Books/Video for Self-Empowerment, Effective Leadership & Societal Growth - by Prof. Umez:
Effective Leadership Books  |  05.22.2017 10:47 am  |  1791  |  A+ | a-

(1) "Educated" to Feel Inferior: Harsh Realities of Low Self-Esteem (2nd edition)

This book articulates how black people, especially in Nigeria, are being "educated" to feel inferior and remain inferior, and how this feeling of low self-esteem continues to retard growth and development. Inferiority complex is a fatal disease of the mind. Anyone who feels inferior or has a sense of low self-esteem is mortally destroyed - he/she is totally finished. Indeed, low self-esteem and poor self-image have totally destroyed so many Nigerian leaders/elites - emotionally, behaviorally and congnitively - leading them to hate and rob fellow Nigerians they consider "inferior" or "black sheep of the family" only to pile up the loot in "God's own countries" whose citizens they consider "ghosts" and "spirits".

To be empowered and meaningfully grow as "wizards", and establish "God's own countries", a liberated mind is a must! This is a book to liberate African mind. 
>> For a copy, call 1-832-731-7061 or click here

(2) Your Excellency: A Letter to Nigerian Leaders (2nd edition)

This is a special Memorandum to Nigerian leaders and elites on creating and maintaining an effective leadership that will endure and work for Nigeria. Demonstrated in this book are the following fundamentals: (a) Leadership is action, not a position. (b) Leadership is parenthood - just as parents take good care of their own children, leaders must take good care of their own people. (c) If leaders lead well, followers will follow well; if leaders do not lead well, followers will not follow well. The future of Nigeria, or any African nation that is similarly situated, depends on the genuine recognition of the above fundamentals by its leaders.

"Your Excellency is a recipe, a necessary and sufficient condition, for great leadership in Nigeria" -- John Keneofor Obi
>> For a copy, call 1-832-731-7061 or click here
(3) Nigeria: Real Problems, Real Solutions

"Certainly a very important work on Nigeria…it goes beyond mere analysis of the problems and into offering possible solutions to some of those our endemic and perennial national problems."-- Prof. Ambassador George A. Obiozor.
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(4) Tragedy of a Value System in Nigeria

Nigeria will not see the light of industrialization and civilization when most of her leaders and their elite contractors are proudly or "fantastically" corrupt, and continue to teach fellow Nigerians (by their actions) that corruption is a normal way of life, and leadership means self-enrichment scheme where leaders must callously and shamelessly rob Nigerian people only to hide the loot in some foreign countries. Obviously, the specter of "monkey see, monkey do" has been hanging over the entire country for the past three decades now. This has led to a vicious circle where any change of corrupt leadership is replaced with another set of more corrupt leadership, ceteris paribus. This book is all about ending that rotten value system or the mentality of "it is our turn now" to share the "national cake." If this value system is not addressed in a more serious, substantive manner, the former "Giant of Africa" will ultimately disintegrate and totally collapse. 

"The Tragedy of a Value System is a focus on a long-term solution to Nigeria's problems. This is one of the reasons I find the book profound." -- ndugu Imeh Inyang, Ottawa, Canada.
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A Video clip of the Book, "Educated" to Feel Inferior....

Samples of what people say about the Video, "Educated" to Feel Inferior:

"An awesome breakdown of the problem with Africa, especially with its struggling and disappointing giant, Nigeria from where I come. The solution prescribed provides the most ambitious road-map to the African Renaissance and therefore, a call for action for us all." -  by Smart Madu Ajaja

"Umez has captured the ultimate predicament of a blackman." - by Bennedict Okoro

"Beautifully said, just like Dr Umar Abdulah johnson would put it. Its time for my people (Black Moorish people) to support each other with group economics. This would make Dr Claude Anderson very proud". - by Vert Masta

"That being said, I think more people should take pride in their homeland and try and work together to create something better, no matter who they are or where they're from, improvement can always be made, but it takes unity and determination to achieve. So I hope your words and efforts make an impact to help others realize their true potential and strive to achieve it." - by Mike Chard

"This is what I have been talking about . Its a wonderful pieces of creative profile . Our children need to hear more of this. Thanks so pro Umez." - by Supa Manley

Order the Full Video Presentation based on "Educated" to Feel Inferior:

Thanks for your support and sharing. Together, we grow - at least as other OPEC nations.

Best wishes, and mighty blessings!

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